Workshops & Trainings

Whether on the field or in training room; one-on-one or group training is concerned, you can rely on my experience for:

  • Field training for maintenance, cleaning and service staff
  • One-on-one field training for junior managers and assistants of service, human resources and cleaning departments
  • Training in staff recruitment and selection
  • Group training in conflict handling, train the trainer, leadership & management skills
  • Individual or group training in human resource management
  • Training in social elections set up and monitoring
  • Training on Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Training on social mediation
  • Team building workshops
  • Team motivation workshops
  • Workshops on balance scorecard development
  • Workshops of balance scorecard follow-up
  • Workshops on Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Workshops on Ethical Management
  • Workshops on psychosocial prevention

Together, we will assess your needs and develop a customized training plan tailored to your business requirements.