HR Consulting

Whether you are a micro business or an SME, there always comes a time when you desperately need advice, council or help to solve a problem related to human resource management.

Acts of Autonomy offers human resource consultancy services spread among four areas:

Human Resources administration

Any legal document to establish or update such as:

  • work contract
  • work rules
  • development of collective labour agreement
  • bonus plan

Development and/or assistance in following HR components:

  • social elections (before, during, after)
  • standard fees
  • benefit procedures
  • compensation and benefits management
  • social news: update and practice of all Di Rupo’s measures, employment plan,
  • flexibility management
  • internal communication…
  • training of HR manager
  • assessment and evaluation
  • support for Corporate Social Responsibility
  • … or any other application….

Recruitment and selection of executives and managers

  • job description
  • development of candidate profiles
  • competence analysis
  • recruitment channels
  • selection interviews
  • Saville test…

Development of the company quality

  • SWOT analysis
  • quality development plan
  • individual training scheme
  • corporate training plan + budget
  • one-on-one and team manager coaching
  • balanced scorecard strategic support

Social Partnership

  • assistance to Works Council, Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work and trade union delegation
  • social dispute & litigation
  • individual and collective conciliation
  • mediation
  • agreements (CCT)

I guarantee you professional, experienced, quick, efficient and confidential help!

Together, we will assess your needs and agree on a customized contract including the task list to be performed according to your wishes:

  • Contract for a specific task
  • Contract for a specific mission
  • Contract for assistance and support for a specific period