About Acts of Autonomy

“Even for the simple flight of a butterfly, the whole sky is necessary.” Paul Claudel

Isabelle Jean established AOA in 2010 to answer numerous requests for collaboration and/or assistance.

Born in 1965, Isabelle Jean begins in the hospitality industry from the age of 19 years. Bilingual (French/English), she grows keen on developing her professional competences, culture knowledge and language skills and builds her experience both in Europe and Canada within the rooms division and human resources department of large luxury hotels.

Enriched with a strong background in the hospitality industry and convinced that the quality of service and thus the quality of the staff were paramount to good business development, Isabelle Jean decides to specialize in the field of human resources and follows, alongside her Human Resources Director function within luxury hotels, several formations in this direction such as: human resources management, Belgian social law, labour relations management, social, economic and civil matters mediation and business coaching.

In addition to her consulting assignments in human resources, business coaching, social mediation and managers’ workshops facilitation, Isabelle Jean teaches human resources management at the International Business School Hotel and Tourism Management, Vatel Brussels.

Her assets:

  • A very thorough knowledge of service and hospitality industry gained in world-famous, prestigious hotels delivering outstanding professional service
  • 15 years experience in human resources management within an activity sector where cultural, social, linguistic and educational diversities require an enormous flexibility, empathy, understanding and real adaptation competences
  • A strong interest in interpersonal relationships; development and fulfillment of human being
  • Her positive, dynamic and result-oriented profile
  • Her extended experience in coaching and developing managers towards their professional fulfilment
  • Her Executive Masters degree in business coaching from UCL conferring the credibility of a scientific academic approach as well as the effectiveness of a practical, technical and methodological approach
  • Her CSR competences (Corporate Social Responsibility accompaniment)
  • Her membership of a Local Exchange System

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