For the Ancients, “imago”, meaning the butterfly, was an image, a representation of the human soul. It is also a symbol of freedom and deliverance.

Nowadays, we all long for personal fulfilment.
We however dedicate a third of our lives to our jobs.
As a result, this personal development also involves a professional growth.

Companies belonging to the same activity sector offer similar products and generally differ from the other about their service quality (commercial, after sales, finance, administration, etc.).

Workers are more easily willing to sign a work contract with an organization offering them a personal career development plan.
It is therefore paramount and crucial for the business competitiveness to position itself as a “talent developer” and consequently allocate a budget percentage to personnel training and development.

Acts of Autonomy assists you in developing your human resources management strategy and advises you throughout its implementation. Furthermore Acts of Autonomy takes the responsibility for coaching the collaborators selected by you to develop their careers.

Being mediator and expert in employment law, Acts of Autonomy also supports you in transition, conversion and restructuration times as well as during the social election periods.